Muslim activist claims Muftis, Imams issue fatwa against Islamic State

New Delhi: A Muslim activist has claimed that scores of Muftis, Imams and Islamic scholars have issued a fatwa against the leaders, fighters and followers of Middle-East terrorist group IS, and termed its actions as against the basic tenets of Islam.

Abdur Rahman Anjaria, President of the Mumbai’s Islamic Defence Cyber Cell, in a statement claimed that he has collected the edicts from Muslims scholars and leaders over the past few months.

“Islam shuns violence while Daesh (ISIS) perpetuates it,” the edict said.

It urged the international community to take immediate steps to eliminate this terror group that has caused mayhem in the region and is spreading its tentacles in the South Asian region.

These fatwas are in 15 volumes, and copies were sent to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other leaders to convey Indian Muslims’ views on ISIS activities.

Anjaria claimed that over 1,050 Indian Islamic scholars and clerics have issued the fatwa against the ISIS saying that its views were “un-Islamic and inhuman”.

“The claims of ISIS of Islamic rule are absolutely absurd and accursed. Infact by these unislamic and inhuman views and practices the representatives, leaders and followers of this terrorist organisation has evidently proved that it has no relation with Islam or its teachings.

“We the people of India request the UN Secretary General to uphold the fatwa as an example to the world,” it said.