‘Muslim abuse’ social experiment will make you proud

NEW DELHI: What would you do if you saw a Muslim man being abused? Here’s a public’s reaction to ‘verbal attack’ on a Muslim youth as part of a social experiment.

A group of youngsters conducted a social experiment to see whether passers-by would intervene if they saw a Muslim man being abused while on streets.

A Facebook video of the experiment shows two youth pretending to verbally attack and manhandled a Muslim youth with a skull cap asking him to leave the area since it belongs to Hindus.

When the friends try the experiment, most ignore the abuse happened in front of their eyes.

At one point he even takes off the skull cap and throws it on the ground. He even tried to strangulate him. The duo also searched his bag for cow meat but the on-lookers simply ignore the abuse happened in front of their eyes.

As the altercation becomes more vocal some members of the public begin to react. They intervened and stepped in to defend the Muslim youth as he was insulted and intimidated by the youths.

A woman continues to tell Hindu youth having a large tilak on his forehead to leave as he calls the Muslim man ‘katwa’ who eats cow meat, adding: ‘He has the right to live his life.’

Watch the video:


The video of the social experiment since being posted on Facebook has already attracted over 2.7k views and was shared 5,906 times.