Music in Muslim weddings un-Islamic , Qazi boycotted nikah

NEW DELHI: Shattered with the sound of drums, clerics residing in Jhabua refused to preside over a wedding on Tuesday.

In the region, the Qazis have banned drums, DJ s and music on the occasion of marriage from the past two and a half years.

They believe that only vocal music is permissible (halal) and that instruments are forbidden (haram) in Islam.

Speaking to ANI, Hazi Haroon Rasid, Qazis said: “We will not conduct nikah in weddings where music and dance will happen and DJ will be there. We have banned such thing in our society as it was un-Islamic. Two and a half years ago, the decision to ban drums, music and DJ was taken by all. I also spoke to the family of groom in this regard but they decided to breach the practice. Following which I announced that the marriage will be boycotted by all Qazis of this area.”

Hours after Qazi’s refusal, the family members of the bride and groom called another Qazi from the nearby Rajghad town to solemnise the wedding.

Giving out more details about the case, Aishwarya Shastri, SDOP, Jhabua told ANI, “After the families called the Qazis from the adjoining area. The Qazis of Jhabua filed a complaint against the groom’s family in the Kotwali police station.”

In the complaint, they have alleged that the family misbehaved with them when they made efforts to make them understand about the ban. We are investigating the matter. On April 2 last year, the Qazis of Uttar Pradesh s Deoband, home to Darul Uloom – the highest seat of Islamic learning in India – had announced they will not solemnise the weddings where there is music.Clerics from Kota in Rajasthan have also banned DJs, loud music and wedding bands at Muslim weddings.