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Music in industry suffering from ‘filmy-keeda’, needs treatment: Dr. Palash Sen

Music in industry suffering from ‘filmy-keeda’, needs treatment: Dr. Palash Sen

New Delhi : Looks like the music composer Dr. Palash Sen is really upset with the present music scenario in the film industry.

The singer, in an exclusive conversation with ANI, expressed his rage against the monopoly of leading music labels which disables solo artists or groups to find a window to play their songs.

“People keep asking me why Euphoria doesn’t make music anymore. The problem is, we make music but it never reaches the public. The reason behind it is that film industry is blocking slots on every music channel to play movie songs. This situation is extremely saddening for independent artists like us. It is a huge problem that everything has become monetary,” said Palash, front-man of India’s most famous pop-band Euphoria.

Euphoria’s recently-released single ‘Halla Bol’ was denied any broadcasting by every channel except MTV India.

“How will people have new ‘Maeri,’ Dooba Dooba or O Sanam? By limiting the audience to just film songs, the music companies are forcing audience to listen baseless and meaningless stuff. People should have access to every kind of music and choice to choose what they want to listen to.”

Terming commercial music as the work of musicians turned “bonded labourers” to the music companies, the ‘Maeri’ singer enunciated the reason why he never became commercial.

“We are stubborn. We wanted to stay and will stay a non-film band and will make non-film music. What will happen? We will earn a little lesser than the film industry, that’s it,” he said.

On being asked if he is taking any step towards putting a stop to this monopolisation, the 50-year-old musician said he is going to take the matter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting for a chance for “fair play.”

“I am not against film music. Good if people like it. But we and other groups like us should stand an equal chance. At least, play fair,” he stated.

Palash, who performed recently at Hard Rock Cafe, New Delhi, elaborated on the theme of his new song, ‘Halla Bol’, “The whole song is based on all kinds of injustice prevailing in the country. This song is to motivate people to not just take it but stand against the injustice.”

‘Halla Bol’ has been published on Euphoria’s YouTube channel on June 21 and since then it has garnered almost four-lakh views and huge appreciation, turning it to be one of the most-trended numbers on the chartbuster. (ANI)