How “music is haram”? Adnan Sami questions ‘selective convenience’ of Muslim clerics

Mumbai: Singer Adnan Sami has questioned Muslim clerics how “music is haram” after news surfaced online of US President Trump joining in traditional male-only sword dance in Saudi Arabia.

Sharing a video clip of the dance, Adnan, who is of Pakistani origin and is now an Indian citizen, tweeted on Sunday: “Dear Muslim clerics, you all claim music is haram in Islam. This is Saudi Arabia. This is song and dance by its royalty! Where are your fatwas now?”

“Ps — Oh yeah and Trump is in there too. You know, the one who came up with the Muslim travel ban.”

One of his Twitter followers wrote: “This is their traditional Arabic dance.”

To which, Adnan replied: “Oh so that is okay then? It suddenly becomes ‘halal’? Selective convenience.”

Another user wrote: “Dear Sami Sabh, Saudia is not Islam. If you want to understand Islam, read Quran. You can find yourself… in Quran, music is haram.”

In that case, Adnan asked him to show “the surat or aayat in the Quran where it says ‘Music is haram’… Answer is nowhere!”

One even asked: “‘Music is nutrient for the soul’… These are the sayings of musicians or people related to music, so why don’t you prove it?”

Adnan said: “We prove it by the peace and harmony we bring to the souls of people all the time who listen to music!”

Four years ago, Adnan had asked a similar question when fatwa was issued against drummer Farah Deeba, guitarist Aneeka Khalid and vocalist-guitarist Noma Nazir.

He had tweeted: “Outraged by fatwa against Kashmiri girl band. If music was haram, then why does Saudi Arabia have a National Anthem with music?”