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Mushawerat blames Yogi’s outfit for raping, abducting teenage Muslim girls

Mushawerat blames Yogi’s outfit for raping, abducting teenage Muslim girls

New Delhi: In a shocking revelation, All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) has confirmed that Unnao MP Yogi Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini is involved in kidnapping, raping and forcing the teenaged Muslims girls to live with Hindu boys, anti-mosque agitation and engineered riots.

According to a report published in Ummid, “A team of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM) found that reports of kidnappings of Muslim girls, sometimes as young as 12 years, are true. Many of such girls have vanished, some are known to be living with their Hindu “husbands” while some have succeeded to run away and return to their families”, the NGO said after visiting the district.

“The delegation found that young girls are kidnapped or lured away from their villages. They are taken to Gorakhpur and other places where they are raped, subjected to shuddhi (purification) and then forced to marry Hindu boys”, it added.

Adityanath’s Hindu Yuva Vahini and allied militias play a pivotal role in this criminal activity which is made more sinister since all girls are under-age.

The Mushawerat delegation toured various areas of the district met a number of victims, talked to community leaders.

Fact-finding report on disturbing conditions in Kushinagar district also includes that Kushinagar district police and local administration are preventing the Muslims places to repair work on extend existing mosques or build new mosques on private land throughout the district. The village has 25 Muslim houses and 750 Hindus houses.

The team of delegation also visited some villages where one-sided riots are engineered since 2013 to grab Muslim land or on minor issues with a view to teach Muslims a lesson.

An umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, AIMMM after visiting Kushinagar district in eastern Uttar Pradesh has asked the state government to take strict notice on these atrocities against Muslims.

Full text of Mushawarat’s fact-finding report can be read on