Musharraf should face trial like Nawaz Sharif did: Pak Interior Minister

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Pakistan’s Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal on Wednesday said that the country’s former military dictator Pervez Musharraf should face the trial like the one faced by ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif.

He said that if elected prime ministers can appear before the courts and are bound to abide by their orders, the same should hold for “the retired general,” who is facing a treason trial.

Reacting to a question, he said that there is no reason for any citizen to escape trial as no one is above the law.

“It is unfortunate that a person who is responsible for the country’s dismal affairs [and] who is now giving interviews on television is not facing the courts. He left the country after the courts granted him permission. We will fulfill our responsibility through any and every legal process that is available,” Dawn quoted Iqbal as saying.

“It doesn’t matter if the accused is a president, a prime minister or an ordinary citizen: if someone has broken the law and pushed the country towards chaos, he must be held responsible as the rule of law is the same for everyone,” he added.

Referring to U.S. President Donald Trump‘s recent remarks about Pakistan, Iqbal said that Islamabad commitment to eliminate terrorism is not bound to please or anger a second or third country.

He added that no other country has suffered more from terrorism than Pakistan.

Emphasising that Pakistan wants peace in the entire region, Iqbal said that elimination of terrorism is vital for the economic development of the country. (ANI)