Mushaira to commentate Makhdoom Mohiuddin

Hyderabad: A mushaira will be held to commentate the revolutionary Urdu poet tomorrow at Charminar under the auspices of Telangana Jagruti which is cultural wing of TRS. Telangana Jagruti popularized Batkamma throughout the world by its chairperson Ms. K. Kavita, MP of Nizamabad. Collection of poems of Makhdoom Mohiuddin, “Bisath-e-Raqs” will be republished.

Archeological Survey of India will illuminate Charminar. Prof. S.A. Shukoor is managing the Mushaira. Munawar Rana, Jahor Kanpuri, Ms. Lata Haya and 15 local poets will render their poems.


–Siasat News