Musawwir Jung – A photographer who mesmerised Nizams & Britishers alike

Hyderabad: Ever wondered when photography came to India? Who was the person who brought the art to India?

As reported by the Hans India, it is believed that photography came to India in 1870 and the first person who introduced the concept of ‘photography’ was Lala Deendayal. Lala Deendayal not only served in the courts of the Nizams but also the Britishers.

According to Ashutosh Deendayal, a sixth generation of Lala Deendayal’s family who is also currently running the photo studio established by Lala Deendayal in Secunderabad in 1896, Lala Deendayal was born with the skill of photography.

Mesmerized with his clicks, Sir Henry had gifted away his own photography equipment to him. 50 Britishers worked under Lala Deendayal at his photo studio in Secunderabad which he set up in 1896.

Mir Mahboob Ali Khan, the sixth Nizam of Hyderabad conferred upon him the title Musawwir Jung Raja Bahadur (Bold Warrior of Photography) to Lala Deendayal who was former’s court photographer.

Before that her Majesty, the Queen Victoria had issued a Royal Warrant for Lala Deendayal for his appointment as photographer.

Mir Osman Ali Khan was also enchanted with the clicks of legendary figure. He had expressed his gratitude towards Lala Deendayal through the following lines:
Ajab yeh karte hain tasveer mein kamaal
Ustaadon ke bhi ustaad hain Raja Deendayal