Mumbra Symbiosis school cites security reasons for hijab ban

Thane (Maharashtra): The principal of Mumbra Symbiosis in Thane said that the school has banned Muslim female students and parents from wearing hijab (veil) on the premises for security reasons.

The principal’s statement has come after reports surfaced that Muslim female students and their parents were banned from wearing hijab in school.

School principal Kamal Raj Dev told ANI, “On December 4, guards objected to two women wearing veils. No parents are allowed to roam in school but they started arguing. When I turned my back, they ran. What wrong have we done? Student security is on us.”

Reportedly, earlier this month, the school had issued a circular, saying students would not be allowed to cover their faces in the premises and even while leaving the campus as well. Infact, the family of the students would also have to lift their veil to reveal their face while entering school campus.

Meanwhile, the parents expressed their worries over the decision.

However, the school administration clarified that the decision did not mean to hurt any religious sentiments. (ANI)