Mumbai’s delivery boys to be thanked on Friendship Day

Mumbai: On Friendship Day, which falls on August 2, Taskbob, a mobile app which provides instant home service, has planned a special way of thanking delivery boys and handymen here and acknowledging their contribution in one’s daily lives.

The team of Taskbob has taken on the task to go and meet Mumbai in person and thank them by extending their friendship on the ocassion.

The handymen include the plumbers, electricians, home cleaners, car cleaners, air-conditioner servicemen and drivers who make life easier.

The initiative requests the people of Mumbai to join in by writing a ‘thank you’ note to and sharing it with Taskbob on social networking website Facebook. After the collection of all ‘thank you’ notes, the Taskbob team will deliver them to the delivery boys.

Taskbob has also released a video titled “NayeDost” that showcases the daily lives and difficulties of servicemen, who extend their help whenever needed, and expresses gratitude to these people.

“Our vision has always been to create happy households for our consumers with hassle-free services which would not have been possible without our skilled servicemen. We often don’t realise how difficult our routine tasks could become without the timely services of these men and women.

“At Taskbob, we are proud of the team of servicemen we have on board and the “NayeDost” campaign is our way of thanking them and extending an arm of friendship for being there for us when we need them the most,” Aseem Khare, CEO and founder, Taskbob said in s statement.