Mumbai: rusted nail pierces the skull of 12-yr-old girl

Nalasopara: In a horrible incident, a rusted nail that pierced the skull of a 12-year-old girl after she was hit by a half-kg cement block in Nalasopara East on Sunday morning. The girl identified as Chandani Pandey, is a VI class student, a resident of Nagindas Pada. On Sunday, she was on her way to buy chocolate and was walking past an under-construction site when a small cement block that had the rusted iron nail embedded in it suddenly fell on her head and got stuck.

According to Mid-day, she was rushed to a hospital by an eye-witness, who later informed her parents. Surgery was conducted and the nail was removed after two-and-a-half hours. The nail which was approximately 4.5-cm long was rusted. It had pierced the skin, skull and had entered around 9 mm inside the brain.

The doctor informed that they had to open the flap and take a piece of the bone along with the nail. ‘It had pierced through her frontal bone, so we have kept it out for sterilisation and will wait for her to recover to place the bone back in place,’ he said. Another surgery will be performed a month later.