Mumbai mass murder: “Bhaijaan ne qurbani ki chhuri se sab ko maara”, says lone survivor

Thane: The mass murder in Thane sent shockwaves to the people on Sunday when Warekar family had been slaughtered by their only son.

35-year-old accused Hasnain Warekar, the only son among five siblings invited them to a family daawat, laced the soft drinks with sedatives and slit their throats.

The lone survivor is the youngest sister Sobiya Bharmal who escaped from becoming the 15th victim of her brother’s mass massacre due to her cold.

According to Mid-day, Sobiya didn’t drink the soft drink that had been spiked with sedatives which Husnain didn’t notice and thus survived the massacre.

Sobiya  watched her parents, siblings and her only daughter- 5-month-old Alfiya ( left) to be murdered on the horrific Saturday night.

After she was rescued and taken to hospital, Sobiya told the investigators and relatives: “Bhaijaan ne qurbani ki chhuri se sab ko maara”.

Hasnain was an expert at animal sacrifices, and used his sacrificial knife to make clean, fatal cuts on his sleeping family members including his own wife and his two daughters.

“Hasnain was very interested in offering animal sacrifice during Qurbani Eid. He made exact cuts to slit the right blood vessel in the neck to ensure the victims died,” said an eyewitness who has carried the body to the ambulance.

Fourteen members of a family, including seven children, were found massacred, and one seriously injured, in a house here early Sunday in the city’s Kasarvadavli area when the assailant Asnain Anwar Warekar, slit the victims’ throats one after the another.

Though the motive behind the massacre is unclear.