Mumbai ATS chief Atul Kulkarni denies harassing Muslim youth in the name of ISIS

Mumbai: There is no denying of presence of terrorist organisations. This is wrong to say that ATS or agencies target Muslim youth at the behest of government, claimed Mumbai ATS chief Atul Kulkarni. It must be noted that anxiety prevails among Muslims on the arrest of Muslim youth in the name of ISIS and agencies are targeting educated Muslim youth to appease a particular community and be into the good books of government. A general notion is that the agencies are carrying out such activities backed by the government. It is also alleged that these agencies first provoke Muslim youth then arrest them on being provocative.

However ATS chief Atul Kulkarni said there is not truth in this belief and ATS and government are not involved in such activities. He advised Muslim youth to use social media carefully. He also suggested that parents and guardians should also pay attention towards the activities of their children. ATS chief said communal violence and religious hatred should be stopped. For that ATS frequently deletes controversial posts and images. It has also closed down over 400 controversial websites which were spreading hatred. Atul Kulkarni told that Home Ministry is alert with regard to blasphemy on social media. It has also formed separate cyber cell to check blasphemy cases.

Mr. Atul urged Muslim youth to beware of ISIS and not fall to their prey.