Mumbai: 3 acquitted in robbery-murder case

Citing lack of evidence, a local court today acquitted three persons, accused of killing two women in 2009 here.

Pramila Gawde (56) and Krishnabai Gawde (58) were found murdered at their residence in Parel in central Mumbai in July 2009. The victims, both spinsters, lived with their brother Keshav Gawde.

Some ornaments and cash were missing from the house, so robbery was suspected.

On the same day, police arrested family’s driver Rohan Gaikar, Deepak Talawdekar, Kiran Sanchate and a minor. They
were charged with robbery and murder.

The prosecution, which based the case on circumstantial evidence as there were no eyewitnesses, examined 17 witnesses.

But the defence lawyer argued that the police had used the same witness to sign the arrest memo and the evidence
seizure memo. “We argued that the robbery is not proved because of the goof-up by the police,” he said.

Ajnalkar also argued that police had not examined the fingerprints of the accused to find out if the accused had
entered the house.