Multi-modal transport hub at Sabarmati soon

Mumbai: In a first, the Sabarmati station on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train network will soon be turned into a vibrant Multimodal Transport Hub, said National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL).

The hub is being established to enable seamless transit – with simple connectivity between the railway station, bus terminal and other transport modes in the city.

“To achieve seamless integration of various transport modes around the HSR station, a multi-modal transit terminal has been planned on the East side of Sabarmati HSR station which shall ensure smooth traffic flow in the influence area of HSR station. The Multi-Modal Integration schemes focus on the integration of existing and planned transit facilities in the station area. The available RoW along existing road network has been optimally utilized for planning the inflow/outflow of estimated traffic in horizon years,” read a statement issued by the NHSRCL.

Some of the special features of the Sabarmati station are as follows:

– Sabarmati HSR station is proposed in the yards of the railway station. The proposed station will have connectivity from both sides (broad gauge in west and meter gauge in east) of the railway station (SBT & SBI).

– Proposed Passenger Terminal Hub provides connectivity to HSR Station, both sides of Western Railway Stations, AEC Metro Station and BRTS via FOB’s.

– Three Foot Over Bridges (FOB) have been planned for smooth passenger flow, namely:

* FOB 1 (10m wide and 280m in length) connects Terminal Hub building with the Sabarmati (Meter gauge) Railway station and HSR Stations. Travellators will be installed in the FOB for ease of passengers;

*FOB 2 (length of 361m) provides connectivity between Unpaid concourse of Terminal Hub building and unpaid concourse AEC Metro Station and the BRTS station of Sabarmati Power House;

*FOB 3 (8m wide and length of 320m) connects the Unpaid concourse of HSR stations with Railway Platforms of Sabarmati broad gauge railway station

– For passengers interchanging between Indian Railways and HSR or Metro, a Ticket Counter facility for Indian Railways will be provided in HSR terminal concourse

– The Terminal is proposed to be twin structure having G+6 and 5+9 floors respectively with a total covered area of 1,25,541.91sqm. It will have the provision of government offices, commercial and retail outlets for passengers.

-Segregated Pick and Drop Bays for different vehicles types such as Buses, auto, two-wheelers, Private Cars, Taxi etc. have been planned in the Terminal building to avoid congested entry points.

– Parking has been planned in the basement and lower three levels of terminal building to accommodate 1115 cars and 300 two-wheelers for HSR passengers, employees or visitors for proposed office and retail spaces.

The country’s first bullet train will traverse the 508-km long distance between Ahmedabad and Mumbai in 2 hours and 57 minutes covering 12 stations including the originating and final station. However, stopping at just two stations, the bullet train will take 1 hour and 58 minutes.

The train will have 10 coaches and will be able to seat as many as 750 passengers in one go.
The project is estimated to be completed by 2022.