Mukherjee praises Modi for his transformational changes

New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee on Sunday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for what he said were his transformational changes in the country, adding that he (Mukherjee) “greatly benefitted from his advice and co-operation”.

“In these five years, my principal responsibility was to function as the guardian of the Constitution.

“As I had said on oath, I strived to preserve, protect and defend our Constitution, not just in word but also in spirit,” Mukherjee said in his farewell speech to lawmakers at the Central Hall of Parliament here.

Mukherjee said: “In this task, I greatly benefitted from the advice and co-operation extended by Prime Minister Modi at every step.

“With passion and energy, he is driving transformational changes in the country. I will carry with me fond memories of our association and his warm and courteous behaviour,” he added.