Mugabe seeks two seats for Africa in UN Security Council

New Delhi: Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe on Thursday strongly pitched for reforms of the UN Security Council and said Africa should get at least two permanent seats.

Addressing the summit meeting of the Third India-Africa Forum Summit (IAFS) here, Mugabe, who is also chairman of the African Union, said that the structure of the Security Council was “defective”.

“We need at least two permanent seats on Security Council. We will not accept less…You call yourself permanent members. That organisation is defective,” Mugabe said.

He also referred to India’s aspirations to be member of the Security Council.

Mugabe, who is also co-chair of the IAFS, said that the Security Council should accept genuine equality. “We say no to inequality,” he said.

Mugabe spoke after Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the inaugural function of the top leaders’ summit, and said India and Africa recognise each other’s potential and can develop together.

Leaders from 54 African countries, including 41 heads of state and government, are taking part in the summit which will conclude Thursday evening.