Mufti’s AFSPA ‘suggestion’ not applicable in current situation: Defence Expert

Jammu: Defence Expert M.M. Khajuria has said Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s suggestion of revoking the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) on an experimental basis will have to wait for an ‘appropriate time’, as the present situation is hardly the time to raise such issues.

He lashed out at Pakistan for glorifying a terrorist like Burhan Wani and said Islamabad’s attitude in recent times has been ‘belligerent’.

“These kind of suggestions have come even earlier. This is hardly the time to consider those recommendations. Pakistan’s attitude is very belligerent, Nawaz Sharif has said that Jammu and Kashmir to become part of Pakistan. They have made the terrorist Burhan Wani a hero and observed black day,” he told ANI.

He said that the Army has made it absolutely clear that they need AFSPA to successfully deal with terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir.

“This is not the stage at which Pakistan can be engaged in dialogue. The Indian Government’s position has been firmly by the foreign minister yesterday,” he said.

“Chief Minister Mehbooba’s suggestion will have to wait for appropriate time to be considered by anybody seriously,” he added.

Mufti on Sunday said the process of revoking the AFSPA can be started on experimental basis.

“We are not saying that AFSPA must be revoked immediately and in entirety, but the process can be started on an experimental basis. After revoking the AFSPA in few areas, we can assess the situation there. If successful we can revoke it in entirety. If the militancy doesn’t give permission for it then we can again impose it,” Mehbooba told ANI.

Lashing out at Pakistan, Mehbooba urged the neighbouring nation to change its policy towards India.

“Pakistan punishes children who take up guns in their country, but glorifies youth taking up guns in Kashmir. I think Pakistan should change this policy. The goodwill gesture that our Prime Minister had started by going to Lahore is the only way,” she added.

She further stated that if the situation turns bad in Jammu and Kashmir then even Pakistan should understand that Islam is getting a bad name in the whole nation. (ANI)