Mufti Mohammed Sayeed put on ventilator support

Mufti Mohammed Sayeed put on ventilator support

The condition of Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mufti Mohammed Sayeed, admitted in AIIMS for past 14 days, is believed to have further worsened with doctors putting him on ventilator support.

79-year-old Sayeed, detected with sepsis, decreased blood counts and pneumonia, was admitted to the hospital on December 24, with complains of neck pain and fever. Since then, he continues to be in the Intensive Care Unit of AIIMS giving anxious moments to the doctors as his platelets dropped dangerously low.

AIIMS came out with a brief statement saying that the chief minister required respiratory support and that “his condition continues to be warranting close monitoring by the team of experts at AIIMS”.

Education Minister and government spokesman Nayeem Akhter said, “the Chief Minister had responded to the new line of treatment yesterday. However, today there was no significant progress.”