Mudslides in Sri Lanka kill 91, 110 go missing

Colombo: Monsoon triggered Flooding and landslides on Friday killed at least 91 people and left another 110 missing in Sri Lanka, authorities informed.

The Disaster Management Centre said, about 20,000 people were also driven out of their homes in the south and western parts of the country.

“The Southwest monsoon began with very intense rain,” deputy minister for disaster management Dunesh Gankanda told the media. “There are some areas where we are unable to reach, but relief operations are under way,” he added.

As per a news report by DC, Sri Lanka appealed to the international community including the United Nations and neighbouring countries for help as the numbers of dead and missing people have risen.

In addition to that, heavy rains in the southern and western parts of the country have destroyed hundreds of homes and cut off several roads.

“The (foreign) ministry will continue to monitor the flood situation and seek assistance as required in consultation with the Ministry of Disaster Management,” the government has stated.

It said Colombo had already sounded out the UN and its South Asian neighbours.

The military has been deployed thousands of troops to reach marooned villagers and the air force carried out several rescue operations to rescue people from rooftops of flooded homes.

“The residents who are living along the Kelani should evacuate to the high ground within six hours,” the DMC said.