Mu Sigma connects with underserved youth through muPathshala program

Bengaluru: After the successful launch of the muPathshala program in June 2018, Mu Sigma has partnered with Parikrma Humanity Foundation to help enable equitable outcomes for the underserved students of today.

Supporting around 100 students, the muPathshala program provides access to the company’s innovation lab, including exposure to machine learning and AI to solve real world problems, giving birth to a new breed of Junior Decision Scientists.

After the successful completion of Mu Sigma High, across several schools in the US, Mu Sigma, a Big Data Analytics and Decision Sciences Company had introduced muPathshala in June this year to create a new league of students who are future-ready.

“One should not be excited about what one knows, but more importantly about what one does not know. Mu Sigma is built on this simple principle that learning is more important than knowing. Through muPathshala we want to inculcate the mindset of problem-solving at a very early stage and create talent that has the interdisciplinary skills the world needs,” said Dhiraj Rajaram, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Mu Sigma.

Mu Sigma’s signature learning program, muPathshala aims to create a new breed of Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Engineers, Doctors, Teachers, Artists, Musicians and Sportspeople. Equipped to embrace the VUCA world of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, and thrive in it, this program will expose high schoolers to real-world problems and share how Mu Sigma innovates for Global Fortune 500 companies while solving some of their toughest problems.

This time, through the muPathshala program, Mu Sigma and Parikrma Foundation will ensure that students who come from varied socio-economic backgrounds and do not have access to the realm of decision sciences gain that necessary exposure. The opportunities available to these children are extremely restricted. The muPathshala program provides exposure to the real-world experience and an academic flavor of data-driven decision making which allows the students to tap into their potential by widening their horizon.

The program is spread over five weeks where the students are grouped in teams. They are provided a Mu Sigma mentor to work with and assigned mini-projects with realistic data to work on. Taken through different aspects of data-driven decision making, the students are guided through breaking down a problem in a structured manner, analyzing data to validate various hypotheses and then providing recommendations to a mock customer. Upon successful completion of this high intensity workshop, students graduate with a Junior Decision Scientist Certificate from Mu Sigma.

Parikrma Humanity Foundation was founded in 2003 by Shukla Bose. It operates on a 360-degree development model, supporting various aspects of a child’s life. The Foundation provides three meals a day, comprehensive healthcare, counseling, community support for parents, etc.

“Parikrma also believes in an end-to-end (e2e) model in which the child is supported from age 5 to age 25, ensuring that they break out of a cycle of poverty, which they call completing ‘The Circle of Life’. Their Final Leap program aids a student in choosing the right professional course which matches their strengths and interests or provides scholarships to pursue college or vocational training. We feel fortunate to partner with Mu Sigma for the program,” said Shukla Bose, the Founder of Parikrma Humanity Foundation.

Mu Sigma aims to run the program in at least 30 progressive schools globally by 2019.