MSF hospital members march to White House over US airstrike

Kabul, Dec. 10 : Members of Afghanistan’s Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) hospital marched to the White House on Wednesday to deliver petitions urging US President Barack Obama to permit an independent organization to carry out an investigation into the US airstrike on the hospital run by Doctors without Borders in Kunduz.

According to TOLONews, MSF board president Deane Marchbeing said that 66,000 had been treated at their hospital and the patients who were killed in October’s airstrike believed they had come to a safe place.

The staff members were brave individuals who committed to providing health care for all regardless of ethnicity or political persuasion, he added.

The airstrike killed 30 people, including doctors and staff.

Obama has since apologized for the bombing and launched an investigation, but the medical charity is demanding that an international commission created under the Geneva Conventions in 1991 should be activated for the first time to handle the inquiry. (ANI)