MPN advises Muslim youth against participation in “misguided protests”

Hyderabad: Muslim Professionals Network of India has strongly condemned alleged anti-India slogans during some protests and advised Muslim students and professionals not to participate in such ‘misguided protests’.

“We recognize that there is a strong anti-government sentiment among Muslim youth and professionals after series of misadventures by BJP Government. The extremist right-wing forces want Muslim Youth to protest against BJP Government and then portray such protests as anti-national activities. Some sections of the media have fallen into this trap of right-wing forces. So, it s extremely important for Muslim youth, especially professionals to remain cautious in this hostile situation,” said MPN President Mohammed Abubakr in a media statement on Thursday.

The MPN has advised Muslim youth to focus on education and career development. “MPN is also reaching to various Muslim professionals across companies to not indulge in unproductive discussions about intolerance, freedom of speech, etc. Such discussions aren’t going to help and might actually result in further discrimination,” Abubakr said.

“Its high time that Muslim youth take control of their own future and not be swayed by others”, said Javed Sikander, former President and Founding member of MPN. “That future is about education, hard work and development” he added. (INN)