MP Pappu Yadav slammed BJP leaders provoking communal violence

New Delhi: MP Pappu Yadav slammed BJP alleging that the BJP was trying to push the country into a state of civil war by their hate comments and trying to flare up communal passion and creating a situation of civil war.

He said that the saffron party was indulging in hate politics as part of a well-thought strategy especially during the time of religious festivals, efforts are made to vitiate the communal atmosphere.

Pappu Yadav said. “BJP leaders like Sushil Modi and Giriraj Singh and organizations like Bajrang Dal are trying to flare communal tension at present. Such leaders should be sent to jungle.”

Pointing the ongoing communal tension in many districts of Bihar post Durga puja and Moharram, especially in districts like Madhepura and Bhojpur, Pappu said that BJP leaders were trying to incite communal violence for political mileage.

He said. “Leaders like Sushil Modi and Giriraj Singh are behind the communal tension prevailing in many parts of the state.”

He also slammed RJD President Lalu Prasad and Bihar CM Nitish Kumar for not controlling the situation on time.He also alleged that BJP was also raising the issue of triple talaq just ahead of the Uttar Pradesh elections in order to take political benefit out of it.

Pappu Yadav said both elder and younger brother were sleeping like ‘Kumbhkaran’. My constituency is burning for last four days but both Nitish and Lalu are not bothered.”