MP minister performs pooja at airport to ward off COVID-19

Bhopal: Remember union minister Ramdas Athwale’s viral chant ‘Go Corona Go’  that became a national sensation? Well, nothing can beat that but another incident of a state minister in Madhya Pradesh performing pooja at an airport to ward off COVID-19 is certainly a match.

The tourism and culture minister of the state Usha Thakur, along with the airport director Aryama Sanyas and other staff performed a prayer meeting and chanted mantras, right in the middle of the airport in their ‘effort’ to fight the dealy COVID-19 spread.

And that’s not all. None had masks on!

Usha Thakur had earlier claimed that performing a havan and keeping cow dung cake at home can keep it sanitized for 12 hours. Besides, when questioned of her frequent public appearance without a mask, she once replied that she performs havan daily and chants Hanuman Chalisa

Madhya Pradesh is among 10 states accounting for more than 84 per cent of daily cases, the union health ministry said. The state recorded 4,882 COVID-19 cases in the past 24 hours.