MP: Man’s hand chopped off after dispute over missing cows

Raisen: In a gruesome incident in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district, five members of a family thrashed a man and chopped one of his hands off with a sword, after an argument ensued over his missing cows.

“The incident happened around 9 pm on Sunday night, when the family of Sattu Yadav attacked the man after he inquired about his missing cows. A fight followed and the family members of Sattu Yadav tied the victim, identified as Prem Narayan Sahu, to a tree and chopped off his right arm with a sword. His left hand is also badly injured,” police officer Rajendra Kumar Dhurve told ANI.

“We have arrested two of the accused, but three others of the family are missing,” Dhurve added. The family has been charged with attempted murder under section 323 of the Indian Penal Code.