MP government announces one-year course on astrology, vaastu

The Madhya Pradesh government has started a one-year course on astrology and ‘vaastu’, “studies which impact even climate change”, state Education Minister Vijay Shah said here on Tuesday.

The course will also include study to becoming a priest (purohit vidya) also.

“Astrology, vaastu, and purohit vidya, are an important part of Indian’s ancient culture. State government will take necessary steps for their conservation and promotion.

The school education department will start a one-year course to study these subjects from this very year,” Shah said while addressing a two-day long National Astrology Workshop here.

“Our country’s ancient culture is getting affected by modernity. Astrology impacts human lives, the courses of events and climate change. We need to study astrology to understand these changes,” he added.

He also announced that workshops will be held at every district headquarters on the topics of “science of astrology” and its “relevance in today’s world”.