MP Covid warrior recovers after treatment at Hyderabad hospital

Hyderabad: Satyendra Mishra, a frontline doctor of Bundelkhand Medical College and Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, has been discharged from Yashoda Hospital at Secunderabad after treatment for Covid-19.

The young Covid warrior, who was airlifted to Hyderabad on April 19, was discharged on Thursday.

According to Srinivas Rajagopala, the Medical Director of Lung Transplantation at Yashoda Hospital, Mishra had extensive damage to his lungs due to Covid-19 and remained dependent on the ventilator with high oxygen requirements and at the critical phase of his illness.

 “The first step we offered was prone ventilation and guideline-based care and he had a good response to this treatment and we successfully removed him from the ventilator by the end of the first week of treatment,” he said.

 “Notably, he did not have any superadded infection or need for higher-end antibiotics during this treatment, attesting to our excellent intensive care and nursing practices at our unit at Yashoda Hospitals Secunderabad,” said Rajagopala.

The young Covid warrior was afflicted in the line of duty and suffered worsening lung damage that was not responding to oxygen therapy and intermittent non-invasive ventilation.

 “It was clear that he needed ventilation and possibly extra-corporeal lung support (ECMO) to save him. It is also increasingly clear now that a significant proportion of Covid-ARDS patients remain ECMO dependent after 4-6 weeks and need lung transplantation and our centre is one of the few hospitals worldwide that have pioneered lung transplantation for Covid-19,” Rajagopala said.

Mishra of the Department of Pulmonary Medicine in Bundelkhand Medical College in Sagar city had been treating Covid patients for more than a year. He recently contracted coronavirus and after his condition turned critical, health authorities in Madhya Pradesh decided to airlift him to Hyderabad for advanced treatment.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had assured all help for Mishra’s treatment after his colleagues at Bundelkhand Medical College appealed for help to save him.