MP: After collector’s order, Nathuram Godse idol removed from proposed temple

Madhya Pradesh: Police removed an idol of Nathuram Godse from the proposed temple in Daulatganj area of Madhya Pradesh.
According to the news published in India Today, after Gwalior District Collector issues an order, the idol was removed.
It may be mentioned that on 15th November 1949, Godse was hanged till death in Ambala jail after he was convicted of killing the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi.
Every year, Hindu Mahasabha observes this day as Balidan Diwas (sacrifice day).
Recently, Hindu Mahasabha approached the district administration for the allotment of land to construct the temple of Godse in Gwalior.
Despite the rejection of the proposal by the administration, Hindu Mahasabha laid the foundation of the temple and placed the idol of Godse. Jaiveer Bhardwaj of the Maha Sabha said that the decision for the construction of Godse temple in Daulatganj area was taken after administration rejected their proposal.
After peaceful protests across the State, on Monday, Gwalior District Collector ordered the removal of the Godse’s idol.
Meanwhile, Congress Party demanded registration of sedition case against persons involved in this issue. Ajay Singh, Madhya Pradesh leader of opposition alleged that the government provided support to the murderers of Mahatma Gandhi.