MP CM invokes Jesus Christ’s teachings

Bhopal (Uttar Pradesh): On the occasion of Christmas, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan said that if we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, peace and love prevail in this world.

Speaking at an event in Bhopal, Chauhan said, “Jesus Christ was born in this world to spread peace. His teachings were to spread love, peace and humanity in the world. Even when Jesus was crucified he prayed the Almighty God to forgive the people who tortured him.”

Adding, “Love is such a beautiful thing that it brings the world together and Jesus has taught us this.”

Chauhan further expressed his happiness about the fact that a dance performance was presented at the event that carried the message of ‘beti bachao’.

The Madhya Pradesh CM also stressed on the fact that “we all are one and we all should live in harmony with each other”. (ANI)