Mozilla’s latest Firefox browser comes with instant messaging, account profile

Washington D. C., Sept. 23 : Mozilla has released Firefox 41 browser for desktop and android users

According to the Engadget, the company says that it is now the first browser to have built-in instant messaging.

The feature for now only works on the desktop browse, but allows the users to instant message directly from a Hello video call whether they are on Windows, Mac or Linux. The users can chat with Chrome or Opera users because Hello is WebRTC powered, but it is not clear if instant messaging is also supported on those browsers.

The latest version of the browser also allows the users to set a profile on the desktop browser.

For the Android version, the users can now use different search engine at once from the search panel and swipe to close tabs. It also has improved bookmark detection so that the users can avoid duplicates. Firefox for Android has now fixed the support for playing MP3 files.

In addition, both Android and the desktop version have numerous bug fixes.

Firefox 41 is available for download now and all existing users should be able to upgrade to it automatically. (ANI)