‘Mowgli’ girl gets shelter, renamed ‘Ehsaas’

Lucknow: The ‘mowgli’ girl recovered from Motipur range of Katarniaghat wildlife sanctuary in January has now got a new shelter home in Lucknow and was named ‘Ehsaas’, on Saturday.

Suresh Dhapola, president of Nirvaan organization, which runs shelter home ‘Balloons,’ especially for mentally unstable destitute told that since they do not know her religion they gave the girl a name not specific to a particular religion.

The Times of India has quoted Dhapola saying “The only problem with the girl, what we can make out from her behaviour, is that she has not been civilized. She has not lived with humans and hence can not communicate like we do. It’s difficult to say who she lived with and where.

Minister of women and child welfare, Rita Bahuguna Joshi, also visited the centre on Saturday to see the girl. Her blood samples were taken by a doctor. She would be vaccinated, if rabies are diagnosed.

Pratima Singh, member of the District Child Protection Unit, Bahraich revealed that the girl was rescued from troops of monkeys. She had injuries on her body, had long hair, was without clothes and had overgrown nails.

During the early days of her stay at the hospital the girl used to hide underneath her bed on seeing humans.

Hospital staff, Renu, who looked after the girl disclosed that she used to eat polythene, bit off the blanket given to her at the hospital and pick up things from garbage in the hospital compound and eat. She did not know how to use toilet and if left alone, she used to slide her hand inside the commode. She could only mumble and not speak.