MoU between PJTSAU and BIPA on cards for bio-efficacy trials

Hyderabad: Dr. Praveen Rao, vice-chancellor of the Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University on Thursday announced that a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is likely to be inked with Bio Agri Input Producers Association (BIPA).

Speaking about the agreement on the sidelines of the BioAgri 2021 function in Hyderabad, the director said, “We are agreeing to the proposal from BIPA to consider entering the MoU”. Rao was the chief guest at the BioAgri function, which is said to be the biggest conference in Bio Agriculture, he addressed a gathering of 150 professionals from the field who were brought on board from across India and abroad.

The vice-chancellor said that the MoU between the two institutions will be the first of its kind in India. ” The MoU between PJTSAU and BIPA is a very important development both for the industry as well as for all the stakeholders to carry out bio-efficacy trials and other studies required for regulatory purposes. Biological efficacy is a method or a process to find out the effectiveness of specified material, input, and process at affecting biological organisms,” he added.   

Dr. Venkatesh Devanur, secretary of BIPA stated that the collaboration between industry and academia is key to catalyse innovation and growth in technology. “University researchers help industrial scientists identify current research that might be beneficial for the development of innovative products, materials, and processes,” he added.

Speaking of the possible collaboration between the two institutes, Dr KRK Reddy, president of the Bio Agri Input Producers Association also said, “The MoU also helps both the organizations to have cooperation, collaborate research and exchange of students and helps the society at large. It is a win-win for all.”The MoU is likely to be signed in the near future, said the two parties.”