Motor Vehicles Act: Fashion show organised to spread awareness

Vadodara (Gujarat): In order to spread awareness about amended Motor Vehicles Act, a fashion show was organised in Vadodara city where models along with children took a unique way to disseminate the cause.

The whole theme of the fashion show was conceptualised to spread awareness about the traffic rules and to impart knowledge on its abiding.
Both models and children were seen dressing wearing traffic police uniforms and helmets carrying placards appealing people to adhere to the laws.

With the aim of supporting the government on the same, one of the organisers who tries to conduct shows on such national causes every year, said, “Every year we try to pick a social agenda to be showcased through fashion shows and to continue with the legacy, this year I roped in professional models who tried to educate people about the recent Motor Vehicle Act so that we can support the government in wide spreading the message.”

Last month, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways had notified the provisions of the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act, 2019, which was implemented in several states from September 1.

The law enforces heavy fines and stricter penalties for traffic violations. There have been several instances where people have coughed up hefty fines for traffic violations in many parts of the country.