Motherhood makes you ‘crazy’, says Jessica Biel

Melbourne: Hollywood actress Jessica Biel has revealed that becoming a mother has made her crazy.
In an interview with The Telegraph, the actress opened about the struggles associated with motherhood, admitting that sharing two-year-old son Silas with Justin Timberlake has had its ups and downs.
She said, “This might sound really terrible, but it’s the truth. Having a child, I have never experienced more emotions in all my life, anger being one of them. Simply put, sometimes your two-year-old makes you crazy.”
Her revelation follows the release of her new Netflix series ‘The Sinner’, in which she produces and stars. In the eight episode series, Jessica plays a young mother who kills a person in public but cannot recall exactly why.
Jessica also recently revealed that Silas is in the middle of his “terrible twos”, and admitted his tantrums can be “tough”.
“There’s a lot of ‘No’ going on in my house. It can be tough,” noted Biel.
While on the work front, Jessica Biel will be back on the big screen with ‘Shock & Awe’, alongside Milla Jovovich, Tommy Lee Jones and Woody Harrelson. (ANI)