Mother of twins falls ill, shepherd husband doesn’t afford treatment

Hyderabad: Rajaiah is a shepherd. He meets the expenses of his family with whatever little money he gets from his work. 40 days ago his wife suddenly fell on the ground while feeding her 6-month-old twin daughters.

Rajaiah who had returned house the same moment tried to lift her up but in vain. Her hands and legs were became cold and she was unable to speak. Rajaiah rushed her to a private hospital where doctors diagnosed neuroparalysis. Rs. 5 lakh were spent on her treatment but no improvement was witnessed.

Later Rajaiah shifted her to house as he had no more money to continue treatment. He told that he sold all 55 sheep he had, the only source of his income. Now he neither has money for treatment of his wife nor to meet family expenditure. He is the father of infant twins and a 6-year-old son.

Rajaiah has made donation appeal and pleaded philanthropists to help him during his hard times.