Mother of Hyderabadi woman stranded in Oman seeks Swaraj’s help

Hyderabad: The mother of a Hyderabad resident who was lured into a lucrative job offer in Oman and is now stranded in the Gulf country has appealed to External Affairs Minister (EAM) Sushma Swaraj to provide assistance for her daughter to return to India.

Speaking to ANI, Rasheeda Begum, the mother of the victim said, “An agent, Shaheeda, approached my daughter and offered a good job in Oman. She said that my daughter will be paid a salary of Rs 25,000 per month. Believing the agent, my daughter left for Oman on December 9, 2018. After landing there, she was kept in an office and the Oman agent is continuously shifting my daughter from one place to another place”.

She further said that her daughter has not been paid her dues so far, adding that she has not been provided adequate food either.

“The agent also locks my daughter in a room at times. After getting to know about the incident, I approached Shaheeda and she is asking me to give Rs two lakh for bringing my daughter back to India.

She (daughter) lives in horrible conditions in Oman. They make her work very hard. I request Sushma Swaraj to rescue my daughter from the clutches of the agents and bring her back to India,” Rasheeda said.