Mother extracts 27 nails from her kid’s gums

Louisiana: Biting nails is known habit many which is seen among all age groups be it kids or grown ups. Though never taken as a serious health threat this habit could in fact give you ailments you have never imagined.

A woman from Louisiana shared a post on Facebook about her son who ended up putting these nails into his gums.
She mentions in the video she shared of how she noticed something white in his gums and ended up extracting 27 nails from the kid’s gums.

She has written that her son used to play with these nails after biting them and pushed them in his pallet.

These nails, when pushed, penetrated the kid’s gums securing a place between the baby teeth and the permanent teeth.

The video, as can be seen, has left everyone terrified of the consequences they have never imagined could happen with such a silly carelessness, as reported in DC.