Mother, daughter found dead at home

New Delhi: A 60-year-old woman and her 40-year-old differently-abled daughter were found dead at their residence in Mianwali Nagar area of Delhi on Saturday morning.

The deceased have been identified as Shashi Talwar and her daughter Nidhi.

According to the police, it was the maid, who called for them after recovering corpse of the mother-daughter duo lying in a pool of blood.

“It was a friendly entry because there were 2 teacups lying in the drawing room. The pieces of jewellery are intact. There is no CCTV outside the home. Maid went inside from another door,” the police said.

The police informed that the mother’s throat was slit while her daughter was killed with blunt force. It added that the hands and the mouths of the deceased were tied before their murders were executed and an angle of robbery is unlikely to be associated with the twin killings.

Shashi’s husband passed away two years ago following a heart attack and she is now survived by her two sons, who live in Canada and Mumbai.