Mother, daughter forced to eat human excreta for ‘practising witchcraft’

Ranchi (Jharkhand): A 65-year-old woman and her 35-year-old daughter were allegedly forced to eat human excreta and their heads were tonsured by their neighbours on the suspicion of practising “witchcraft”.

The incident took place on February 16 in Dulami village under Sonahatu police station in Ranchi.

The victims have registered their complaints against the accused for forcing them to eat faeces and tonsuring them.

Meanwhile, the police have assured that the case has been registered against all the accused.

“A woman and six others took ill and fell unconscious last night. A man was called to find out what went wrong with them. After he pointed them out they dragged them out of their house and made them eat human excreta. Their heads were tonsured. A case has been registered and the actions are being taken,” SHO Sujit Roy said. (ANI)