Mother, child electrocuted while using washing machine

In a heartrending incident, a mother and her 4-year-old son were electrocuted while using a washing machine in Warsiguda area here on Friday. The news spread like a wild fire on Social Media. According to police sources Haleemunnisa (25) and her son Rahman Khan (4) were electrocuted while loading clothes in the washing machine. However, the woman’s one-and-half-year-old baby girl survived the tragedy as she was tied to a cot and could not approach her mother and brother. On Friday morning, Haleemunnisa was loading clothes in the washing machine when the wires of washing machine bitten by mice touched her resulting in electrocution. As Haleemunnisa got electrocuted, Rahman rushed to her help and got electrocuted too.

Her daughter Sumayya whom Haleemunnisa tied to the cot as she was crawling all around survived in the tragedy. As both collapsed, Sumayya started screaming. Neighbours, who noticed the child crying for long time, went into the house only to find Haleemunnisa and Rahman lying on the ground.

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