Mother assists live-in partner to rape 12 year old daughter, sentenced to life

Ohio: Jeannie Mae Carpenter was sentenced to lifetime in prison for helping her convicted sex offender live-in boyfriend James John Kirksey in the rape of her 12-year-old daughter.

As per reports in, a court in Belmont heard that the mother held down the child as the 32-year-old raped the girl on multiple occasions.

It was not clear when the sexual abuse against the girl began and how long it lasted.

Prosecutor Dan Dry said: ‘She reported it to a relative that mom’s boyfriend had been abusing her for the last two weeks.

‘Multiple counts of rape committed by the male, and at least one incident of rape where the mom of the child actually physically held the child down to assist this male.’

Judge Frank Fregiato in handing down the sentence in a Belmont County courtroom, called the case ‘a crime against nature.’

‘If a 12-year-old girl cannot trust her mother to love and protect her, who in this world can she ever trust? She certainly wouldn’t expect her mother to be assisting in the rape,’ he said.