A Mother almost dies after her unborn baby kicks, pokes hole in womb

In an extremely rare medical condition, an unborn baby kicked the mother so hard that her uterus got ruptured. Ms Zhang of China was 35 weeks pregnant when her unborn daughter kicked poking her leg outside the womb.

Ms Zhang’s extreme pain, blood pressure, pulse and breathing became worse, which made the doctors perform an emergency C-section, reports Daily Mail.

The Ultrasound scan showed baby’s leg outside the uterus wall touching the abdominal cavity. The woman was taken to the operating theatre in five minutes fearing that she could suffer internal bleeding and go into shock.

Last year, Ms Zhang had undergone a surgery to remove fibroids, a tumour in the uterus. Which had made her uterus wall weaker. Based on Ms Zhang’s accounts, doctors suspected that she had a uterine rupture on the site of the previous incision.

Women who have had fibroid-removal operations should wait for one to two years until they plan for a baby, said Dr Zhong..