The most satisfying work is helping others: MJ Akbar IFS officer

Nihad Amani

Hyderabad: Jalaluddin Akbar has set a benchmark for service to others by inspiring his friends by inspiring help to the needy during the lockdown.

An officer in the IFS department headquartered in Warangal, he heads nine districts in the state and his work takes him to different parts of the states, including outskirts almost on a daily basis. Although with the arrival of the lockdown, the line between serving the people of the state and providing aid to those affected most by the coronavirus goes hand in hand.

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He says, “Almost everyday I have to go to other districts as ap part of my service. As the lockdown was implemented, I had this idea of carrying bags of rice and extra money with me on my way to other districts as I would spot a number of needy people and labourers on my way.”

One fine day after the lockdown I found a group of 25 people walking with bags on their heads and in their hands. He inquired as to whether they were heading towards their native land of Uttar Pradesh. They responded that they were currently in the midst of the second day of their long, arduous journey towards their native land of Uttar Pradesh.

He then asked them to stay in the adjacent village and promised to provide them with necessities to which they did not agree. “Later I gave the rice bags and some money and they lamented that they had no food or money to sustain further,” he narrates further.

Akbar then stumbled upon a group of 30 members on the outskirts of the Vijayawada Districts whe was en route to Madhya Pradesh who were in desperate need of food. “I then provided them with rice bags, some vegetables and some money,” he adds.

During the third instance, he came across of 30 workers who were leaving the outskirts of Warangal District towards MP. Yet the stopped to prepared a meal on the road and they too were beneficiaries of the IFS officer’s generosity.

He initially focused on migrant laborers but then I saw several migrant laborers on my way to Bhupalpally District and they too were in need desperate of housing and food. Then he had them shifted to a governmental shelter in the village nearby where they are provided with basic food and facilities.”

Akbar is quick to deflect credit and praise his co-mates and other officers who come to devote themselves in the service of those in need of it.

“Now my other mates and I collectively provide ration, vegetables and other essentials to the poor and needy whenever we spot them. The best part is all my other colleagues came forward by themselves for this charity work,” he happily points out.

Besides the basic of food and shelter, the IFS officer also provides awareness programs to the locals and his own team members about the global pandemic.