Most of the Americans feel US military intervention in Afghanistan was a failure: Pew survey

Washington: 17 years following the American army intervention in Afghanistan most of the Americans feel that US military intervention in Afghanistan was a failure. Only about one-third of Americans think the country’s longest war has been a success.

According to a Pew Research Center survey, about 49% of the Americans believe that the US has mostly failed in achieving its goals and objectives in Afghanistan, while 35% remain optimistic, and maintained that the military intervention was a success.

As per the recent trend, Republican Party supporters remain more optimistic about the US military efforts in Afghanistan than the Democratic Party supporters. About 48% of the Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said that the US had succeeded in the military operation, while only 29% of the democrats and democrat leaning independents said so.

Republicans have consistently maintained more support than Democrats for the decision to deploy military force in Afghanistan (as well as in Iraq), though support has fallen in both parties over the past decade. 83% Americans in 2002, while 69% in 2006 maintained that military intervention in Afghanistan was the right call.

The survey was conducted during September 18-24. Sunday was the 17-year anniversary of the war.