Mosquito menace flies high in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Hyderabad has shown an alarming increase of malaria and dengue cases in the past few weeks.

Though anti-larval operations and fogging are being conducted in the city there is no respite for the people from mosquitoes.

Scores of people have been tested positive with the mosquito-borne virus and the number of patients with high fever is increasing in the hospital.

Speaking to ANI, Government Fever Hospital Superintendent Dr K Shankar said that in past two months the patients suffering from malaria and dengue has increased.

“Due to variation in temperature, there has been increasing in the number of mosquitoes. Eventually, a number of cases of malaria and dengue are being witnessed in government and private hospitals,” Shankar said.

“There is an increase in the number of a patient suffering from malaria and dengue, it also includes cases of viral flu,” he added.

Dr. Shanker said that the government is doing fogging and is using various methods for fighting the menace, but also advised the people to take precaution to avoid getting infected with such virus.

“In last one month four to five cases of Dengue have been reported, but no mortality has been taken place,” he said.