Moscow criticises EU Court for maintaining sanctions against Russian journalist

Moscow : Moscow has criticized the European Union’s General Court’s decision to uphold extension of restrictive measures imposed on Russian journalist Dmitry Kiselev in relation to 2013-2014 crisis in Ukraine.

The European Union’s General Court had ruled not to annul Ukraine-related restrictive measures against him after striking down six pleas in the action that Kiselev brought against the Council of the European Union.

Kiselev termed the verdict against him as the European bureaucracy’s a priori dominance over the judiciary “since cases against them are progressing in court at a snail’s pace.”

Sputnik news agency quoted Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying in a statement that the EU Court has allowed censorship in the union by upholding its previous verdict.

Kiselev informed that that he was not allowed to personally take part in the hearing in his own case.

Slamming the EU Court’s refusal to allow Kiselev to take part in hearings on his sanctions challenge, the Russian Foreign Ministry said that it violates basic rights, including the right to defense.

The ministry added that Moscow expects Organization for Security and Co-operation (OSCDE) in Europe and Council of Europe to reconsider this decision upholding sanctions against Kiselev.

The European Union had imposed a travel ban and an asset freeze on Kiselev on March 21, 2014.

He was one of the first Russians to face individual EU sanctions after Crimea’s reunification with Russia three years ago. (ANI)