MoS gives Red Corner notice details against Zakir Naik

New Delhi: With no charge-sheet filed against Dr Zakir Naik, the famous Islamic preacher who is accused of encouraging and aiding his followers to promote enmity and hatred against different religious communities, the Interpol failed to issue to Red Corner Notice said Minister of State for Home, PTI reported.

Hansraj Gangaran Ahir today said in Rajya Sabha that the request for Red corner notice against Dr. Zakir Naik was sent to Interpol on May 19, 2017.

But the International Police organization has indeed sought clarifications of the same for the issuance of Red corner notice against Dr. Zakir Naik on August 10 last year and which was provided by the Indian government on October 6 of the same year.

However, the Interpol Commission at the 102nd session from December 24-27 the last year 2017, noted that since no charge sheet is filed against Dr. Zakir Naik the issuance of Red corner notice for Dr. Zakir Naik’s arrest is premature.

“A fresh warrant was issued by the Court against Zakir Naik…and a fresh request of Red Corner Notice was sent to the Interpol on January 3, 2018. No further communication has been received so far from the Interpol,” Ahir said in a written reply to a question.

None of Dr. Naik’s lectures promoted enmity against any religion and the preacher always answered the questions he was posed with by his audiences irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

Neither did his lectures in India brought any sort of enmity or terrorist activities among different communities in India during his stay in India with his broadcast channel now banned nor did he ever ask anyone to tread the path of terrorist or terrorism.

The preacher a doctor by profession only promoted peaceful and valuable Islamic principles, enlightening the communities about peace, abstaining them from spreading hatred, enmity among themselves, is this why he has now become a wanted fugitive in India?