Mortal remains of Andhra man killed in US likely to be flown back soon

Guntur: The mortal remains of 25-year-old financial consultant, Prithviraj, who was killed in a shooting incident in a bank in Cincinnati, are likely to be brought back to India on Monday evening.

Speaking to ANI, the father of the deceased, Kandepi Gopinath, said that he first received the information about his son’s death from a person outside the country on Friday morning.

“I first refused to accept the information given by the lady regarding the death of my son. I later again received a call from Telugu people and following which I believed that my son is no more,” said Gopinath, who is a deputy executive engineer in the Andhra Pradesh Housing Corporation head office at Tadepalli in the region.

The uncle of Prithviraj, K Amar Babu, told ANI that after the news emerged that a boy of the region has been killed in the US shooting, the local MLA and the state government immediately rushed to the house of the boy to extend their help.

“I am thankful to the state government, local leaders and Prithviraj’s friends for making efforts to send the body back to the country,” he said.

In July, a 26-year-old student named Sharath Koppu from Telangana was also shot dead in a restaurant located in Kansas City during a robbery.